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Being Strange

September 27, 2015

“The Kingdom came to us not from a boardroom or a literary guild, but from a feeding trough and an execution stake.” – Russel Moore “Onward”

I learned what fearful awe is this week, Friday flying home from an on-site job (back to my cyber security career). Teaching youth boys to be gospel centered men is a humbling, challenging, frightful thought. We concentrate so much on finding a relevant story within scripture that we as teachers and leaders sometimes overlook the message. We’re not called to be individuals; we’re not called out to reflect some cute “mission statement”, we’re called to be salt and light, and to go out making disciples.

It’s scary that we don’t. We’ve almost become like those we judge, “prosperity gospel”, by picking our own verses and applying them today. I’ve been guilty of this too. If we claim to be Christian, then we also claim brotherhood within the Church.

We need to teach that we ARE strange. That we DO believe that our Savior not only taught, was considered a threat, crucified for it, but that He got up and WALKED out of his tomb three days later. Teach THAT, if you think that’s strange, then teach also that we believe He’s coming back on horseback to rule the world. Show the congregations what matters, and who matters.

Not a moral people, but a gospel community. Christ isn’t the center, He’s the head!


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