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Advocatus Diaboli and DHS

November 17, 2015

Playing Devil’s Advocate here. Shouldn’t our massive, bureaucratic Department of Homeland Security already be equipped to handle an influx of refugees?

After all, weren’t they created with a budget and a Cabinet level position to ensure homeland security administration and management?

No, we can’t vet just the “Christians” through, I’d wager many of those fleeing persecution probably didn’t check that box on a form before becoming refugees.

We turned away Jewish refugees before we entered World War Two. Our nation witnessed the horrors of The Holocaust in the closing days of the fighting in Europe. We rebuilt nations and economies.

We turned our backs on the Kurds after Desert Storm. We attempted to keep peace in the Balkans where there is still deep seated religious hatred among the groups. Remember Croatia and Serbia anyone? I made several deployments to support operations in both theaters of action. Former Yugoslavia still had scars of recent war when we visited in 2000. Displacing citizens of a country, forcing them to flee for safety creates the humanitarian crisis we want to ignore.

We haven’t done that great of a job of late, being the beacon of hope we claim to be to others. We can do better. I may not have the answers but they’re out there somewhere.

Just my .02 today.


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