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March 9, 2016

What started as a hectic night of packing out our FIRST team wasn’t without a bit of drama.

Not enough that folks are focused on the packing lists, but we have a local politician in hand. Not quite sure in what capacity other than trying to collect much needed autographs to file for being on the ballot.

He’s since deleted the post, but once again when folks start trying to garner sympathetic pleas ESPECIALLY at the expense of some of the hardest working high school students in Lake County, I start seeing red!

I tried sharing it prior, but he realized he was trying to blame the victim card at the wrong place, and the wrong time.

So, here’s the screenshots instead.



And before anybody else asks, no…I’m not giving up Thursday nights to play the local big fish, small pond game. STEM’s too important. That includes FIRST.



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