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A bit of reading and relaxation (R&R)

March 30, 2016

I started reading A.J. Swoboda’s “The Dusty Ones: Why Wandering Deeps Your Faith”. I’m really getting into it as well, after reading “Messy, God Likes It That Way”. It was on my recommended book list (and should be on yours too).

Lots of favorite parts so far (in The Dusty Ones…) but one line resonated pretty well within me. I’m sure there’s going to be more, but I’m only up to chapter 3.

“For example, an American will feel entitled (almost from birth) to a set of ‘inalienable rights’ to freedom and happiness and do whatever the heck we want to do. Then, along comes the Bible, telling us we can’t do whatever we want to do. No wonder the Bible has grown wildly unpopular in our time as an ancient, unnecessary document – it refuses to offer us a vision of unimpeded freedom.”

I think back to history classes in high school and college and wonder what people in our past thought of freedom (not just in America) and how we think of our freedoms today. Freedom to worship without government oversight is a freedom too many take for granted. Unfortunately, there are people who can’t separate the freedom the Gospel offers from the freedom guaranteed in the First Amendment.

Don’t wrap the Cross in the flag. The Cross AND the tomb are both empty now. Christ Jesus is on His throne. His burial cloth wasn’t a flag.



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